bespoke webwork
Efficient and Scalable webhosting linux, webhosting Efficient and Scalable web hosting with open source technologies. Scale from one VPS to multiple servers in multiple DC's.
High-Availability Linux clusters ISP, network High availability web hosting cluster with Haproxy and HA-Linux. Intelligent failover and load-balancing.
Backup system for heterogenous networks backup, backupp A backup system for a heterogenous network. Backuppc used as a basis; multiple operating systems and backup methods used.
Nagios ISP dashboard nagios, ISP map view total scope of the system Nagios installation for a small ISP. website design, portfolio Bare-bones design for my own personal page. PHP and some js trickiness. design design code Design for the website. Bootstrapped with the Zen Framework for Drupal. Responsive design for mobile User Agents.
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